Dynamite/Dream, New Year's Eve...

I am flying home from judging, directing, and cornering at the annual New Years Eve event. As always it was a spectacular event that is unequalled anywhere else in the world. This was a cooperative effort between Dream and K-1 and featured bouts in both rules with individuals crossing over from MMA to Kickboxing and vice versa.

MMAWizard trained fighter, Hayato "Mach" Sakurai, won his match by ref stoppage in the first round. Our game plan was to take it to the ground, pass guard, and finish with strikes. The game plan worked well and Mach won in fairly easy fashion!

Some other interesting bouts were the crossover kickboxing matches that featured DREAM MMA fighters against top K-1 kickboxers. The first was DREAM's Kawajiri vs K-1's Kozo Takeda. Kawajiri completely destroyed Takeda, KOing him in the first round. Next was DREAM's Allistar Oveream vs K-1 ace, Badr Hari. Again, Allistar completely destroyed Badr KOing him in the 1st to the shock of the fans and K-1 crew. DREAM welterweight champion Gregor Musasi was up next against top Japanese K-1 fighter, Musashi. Once again, the DREAM fighter easily beat the top K-1 kickboxer at their own game with another annihlation and first round KO! This was a great night for MMA as these K-1 fighters were truly some of the current world's best in kickboxing and the results were astonishing.

One final bout worth mentioning was the match between last minute replacement, Melvin Manhoef and Mark Hunt. Hunt was a K-1 champion and had about 100 pounds in size advantage over Manhoef. Hunt is well know for being able to walk through anything his opponents can dish out, I have even seen him shrug off a flush Cro Cop high kick with out blinking. The much smaller Manhoef, however, had to throw only 2 punches while backpeddaling from a charging Hunt. Hunt crumpled to the canvas while Manhoef followed up with a few more to the unconscious Hunt as the ref jumped in and called the KO!

All in all, in was an exciting night of fights that sends us into 2009 with excitement and high hopes for the DREAM/K1 connection to bring Japanese MMA events back to the top!